Monday, February 25, 2008

Kayla Gets her Quilt

About a month ago I posed the question, "To Border or not to Border" regarding this quilt. I added up the responses from all you wonderful quilters out there, and overwhelmingly the election went to "not to border". Today I took the quilt over to Kayla's house and when I left there, I felt like I had gotten a gift myself. Really and truly. Everyday Kayla has more to deal with than I have ever faced in my life and she simply "deals". She never complains. Ever. Kayla is seven and her family just found out she has leukemia seven weeks ago. She is going through chemo and even has a broken leg. Still, she never complains or gets cranky. The strength she exhibits every day takes my breath away.

I pieced this quilt for her, and then sent it to the most wonderful long arm quilter in Colorado. Anne Frampton is her name. She is the cousin of my very dear friend, Greenmare. She immediately quilted the quilt and had it back in the mail 24 hours later. Can you imagine? A 24 hour turn over! Not to mention that her quilting is exquisite. She suggested a quilting pattern called "Angel Wings" and I can't imagine a more suitable pattern. Her children helped in the project by choosing the thread color (I couldn't have made a better choice myself) and her daughter Lizzie machine embroidered the label. This quilt truly was created with many loving hands.
Here is Kayla opening the quilted bag that Greenmare made for her and then filled with goodies. Kayla really had fun today. I loved showing her how to use the Pez dispenser. She loved the pillow case, crayons and coloring books. Kayla then showed me all the different Pretty Ponys in her new coloring book - I had no idea there were so many, nor could I have ever imagined how important their little roles in Pony land were... Mare and Anne you both helped make a little girl very happy today. Thank you both so very much.