Friday, September 19, 2008

SA Boutique Original

Creating for Quilty Indulgence hasn't been the only thing I have been up to recently. I did a bit of shopping at the SA Boutique recently and purchased a few items for my darling granddaughter. One of the great items I managed to purchase was this wonderful denim shirt. Imagine, a denim shirt for only $1.49! Yes, you guessed it, the SA Boutique is what I affectionately call our local Salvation Army Family Thrift Store. This is a very good brand name shirt, was in excellent condition and just needed a bit of "sprucing up". I laundered it as soon as I got it home, started browsing through my machine embroidery designs, made a selection and below is the finished product. Not bad for only a $1.49, eh?

I also bought another shirt, a wonderful grey sweatshirt, and on it I embroidered "I'm the big sister" with some pretty flowers. Sadly, I didn't take a photo of that shirt prior to giving it to my little angel. Oh, and that shirt was only $1.29!

Here is a photo of the back of the shirt.

I like shopping at the SA Boutique because often times it inspires my creativity, it recycles perfectly good clothing, and the money goes to a good cause. It is a win, win situation all the way around!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Quilted Toddler Jackets

Here is my little darling modeling her new hat and jacket that Grandma made for her! The quilted fabric I put into the previous post became this entire ensemble - quilted jacket and hat. It is a pattern I designed that makes the jacket out of a one piece pattern. It is sooooo very simple and what a scrap buster it can be! You piece (or go "whole cloth") a small quilt, cut out the pattern, bind it and this is the final result. If anyone is interested, the pattern is copyrighted and available at my website, Quilty Indulgence.
Madelyn Mary seems to take the modeling very seriously by all indications in these photos that were taken in western New York last weekend during a Grandma visit up there, but that really wasn't the case. She kept bolting for the hills - it was very comical and reminded me of when her own Mommy would run through the house (away from me!) with pieces of Halloween costumes or new outfits on her that I was trying to fit. Two year olds are simply not natural models or patient mannequins!
Here is another example of the jacket pattern. The one with the monkey applique was pieced. The citrus one is a "whole cloth" jacket. Either way, it is a simple quilting project and the scraps make the hat (pattern and instructions are included for that as well) so there is no waste!

Here is the pattern cover.