Saturday, July 23, 2011

Scrappy Clothesline Baskets

Isn't she lovely? This weeks scrappy project is a basket made with 3/4 inch strips of scraps wrapped around cotton clothesline. I love making these baskets! They also make excellent gift baskets - you can use use a theme (here I used brights), or you can use a holiday theme and pack it full of holiday type items. I have made these for Christmas using reds, whites, and greens and then filled them with baked goods. What a gorgeous gift that was! How about just reds and whites for the Redword enthusiast? Or what about school colors for the college bound? Oh, oh, oh...! How about fall colors to sit on that wonderful fall table runner.... as you can see the options are limitless!

This one is going to be a handwork basket. I used Clover's new Kanzashi maker to embellish the basket. I love those things and what a wonderful finishing touch! There are three different flower makers, each in two different sizes, making six in all. I used an old button for the middle of the flower. I used my favorite thread, King Tut number 918, for the fun, blended and colorful look. You will be seeing Kanzashi flowers pop up on numbers projects in the future! A Happy, Scrappy Weekend to all!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Scrappy Balls

OK, so I am a few days late (probably Linda's fault) but I think it was more than worth the wait, wasn't it? Here's this weeks scrappy project, Scrappy Balls. What child doesn't like to toss around, or hopefully roll, a colorful ball? They ALL love to play with balls! These are made from 100% scraps - and a bit of new stuffing, a lot of love and very little time.

Aren't they happy balls? I had a pattern for a medium sized ball, similar to this one, and then I simply enlarged it twice to make two bigger balls and then I reduced the original to make a smaller ball. The directions are here...

Isn't is a wonderful set of balls? And seriously, this is a very easy project. My girlfriend, Renita, will attest to this. She was very skeptical so I invited her over and she was amazed at how easily and quickly these little stash busters went together. Renita was so pleased with her balls that she took them north with her to give as a gift! I loved them so much I am making a scrappy bag for them to go into. Wait until you see that! It is going to my newest grandchild when she is born at the end of August... this scrappy summer is mighty productive...

**UPDATE: Roni took the challenge and I am thrilled!! Go visit her place and see what she is up to... Sadly, Mare has NOT taken the challenge. She has instead opted to go to somewhere in the Great White North to swat mosquitoes or some such thing... I have faith that if she ever finds her way out of there, she will participate. That's IF she makes her way out of there...

Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Scrappy Summer

This summer I am bound and determined to use up some of this copious stash. That is my goal, and as a result I will be posting photos of projects that use up stash. I will be posting every week. Hopefully YOU will be inspired as well.

This weeks project was the YoYo Elephant you see above. The pattern comes from Indigo Junction and is as easy as pie. It uses the Clover YoYo maker in two sizes. I used about thirty 5 1/2 inch scraps and about thirty 4 1/2 inch scraps plus some little bits for the head and the ears. By my quick mental calculations, that's about a yard of Aunt Grace scrap pieces gone. Wonderful! What child wouldn't have fun with this? So, a bit of my Aunt Grace scraps gone, and a treat for a granchild. Win-win in my book.

Mare, I am challenging you to attack your stash, too! Can you do it???

Roni, don't think you are getting off scott free. I challenge you, too!!! Now get sewing!!