Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Scrappy Summer

This summer I am bound and determined to use up some of this copious stash. That is my goal, and as a result I will be posting photos of projects that use up stash. I will be posting every week. Hopefully YOU will be inspired as well.

This weeks project was the YoYo Elephant you see above. The pattern comes from Indigo Junction and is as easy as pie. It uses the Clover YoYo maker in two sizes. I used about thirty 5 1/2 inch scraps and about thirty 4 1/2 inch scraps plus some little bits for the head and the ears. By my quick mental calculations, that's about a yard of Aunt Grace scrap pieces gone. Wonderful! What child wouldn't have fun with this? So, a bit of my Aunt Grace scraps gone, and a treat for a granchild. Win-win in my book.

Mare, I am challenging you to attack your stash, too! Can you do it???

Roni, don't think you are getting off scott free. I challenge you, too!!! Now get sewing!!


Greenmare said...

oh mmy gosh how LONG ago did you buy that pattern??? that was in Chicago wasn't it? I will take that darn challenge.............. now, don't be holding your breath Jim and I are camping for a week and a half starting Thursday! ;-)

Susan Freebery said...

YES! That's exactly when I bought the pattern AND the YoYo makers! Wait til you see what I am making this week. I think you have the tools to make that too... Did you buy the pattern, too? I can't remember...