Thursday, May 5, 2011

Seriously Late Quilt Retreat Update

Yes, I know. Pathetic. But better late than never, eh? So.... here are some photos from our fabulous quilt retreat back in February - or was it January? I can't remember now... Funny thing is I couldn't even find the photos I took of my group of gals at the retreat. I actually had to Google "Camp Blanding Quilt Retreat" to find photos that hopefully someone had posted online, and as luck would have it, I found some!!! These photos are not mine. Once found, I had to phone the owner of these photos and ask permission to use them and after I left a rather long, rambling voice mail, I received an email and was granted permission by the wonderful Julie, from Stitches of Love. If you are on facebook, you can find Julie here. I lost several hours of my life drooling over photos in the many photo albums they have on facebook... It's worth the trip...

This is the view in front of the building where we sewed from 7 in the morning (if you were up!) until midnight! It was great fun and a beautiful setting. There were 180 wonderful quilters (not just women!) there and it was glorious! The hum of the machines, the chatter, the cocktail waitresses... whoops! Was I supposed to mention that?

Strolling through the large room to see what everyone was working on was inspiring! I loved it! Again, this was my first retreat and let me tell you, the bar is now set pretty high. This retreat is organized by the ladies of Olde Green Cupboard and let me tell ya, they rocked it! Camp Blanding was a marvelous setting, and boy oh boy did they feed us well. We were served prime rib, lobster and numerous other outstanding entrees. It was stellar. Even the accommodations were wonderful. Clean and incredibly comfortable.

A marvelous time was had by all and we fully intend to do this again as soon as possible!

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Greenmare said...

blogger has been so stupid lately!! I wanted to leave a comment for days but I couldn't get in. it looks like fabulous fun!!!!! can I come next time? please?