Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A "Call Out" to Quilters: Project Linus is there for us, too.

This is my precious little angel, Lucy Ann, who was born on December 8th. She is our second grandchild, and the little sister of our first granddaughter, Madelyn. Many of you know Madelyn since I have managed to shamelessly work her into as many posts as possible throughout her two and a half years. Last week Little Lucy became ill with a virus called RSV. RSV, or Respiratory Syncytial Virus, commonly causes an infection in small children and babies. RSV is very contagious and almost all babies get it before the age of 2. Many babies get only a cold from RSV. Some babies with RSV develop potentially serious lower respiratory infections such as bronchiolitis, an infection of the small breathing tubes in the lungs, or pneumonia. Luckily, she didn't get pneumonia.
She did, however, end up in the hospital with bronchiolitis. It was very frightening to all of us as she is only seven weeks old and thinking about a little peanut like her struggling to breathe was terrifying and heart wrenching. My husband and I had just returned to Florida from New York, where they live, so we weren't even there to help. When my daughter called to say our Little Lucy was in the hospital and in an oxygen tent, I knew I had to be strong and reassure my daughter that her daughter would be just fine and that the hospital was the best place for her.
Nik then went on to tell me that there was a quilt waiting for Lucy in her oxygen tent when they arrived. It was a Project Linus quilt and was made by a woman named Ruth in Pennsylvania. It touched my daughter so and made her think of me, her own mother, and also a quilter. I hung up the phone and couldn't hold down that lump in my throat any longer. My precious little granddaughter was wrapped and warm in a quilt that someone had lovingly taken the time to create for sweet, sick little babies. How touched I was, especially since I wasn't there, to know that she was cocooned in quilter's love while she was getting better. We quilters are an amazing bunch, aren't we? Warming the hearts of so many.
(Lucy getting a breathing treatment from her mom)
Lucy is doing much better now and is home with her family. We are so thankful! I realized that I have to "repay" that very special quilt, and throw in a few extra for good measure. That quilt meant so much to our family last week. My hope is that this post will inspire a few quilters to also create a Project Linus quilt to donate. After all, sometimes even we quilters and our families are recipients of this kindness and love. What a wonderful organization.
And Ruth from Pennsylvania, I can't thank you enough. Your loving gesture kept my granddaughter warm in that big oxygen tent and warmed the heart of her mommy at a time when they needed it most. What a gift!