Thursday, December 10, 2009

Free Pattern Section on my Website

Here's a photo of our Bitty Baby sitting so nice in her new cloth diaper. I just uploaded the free Bitty Baby cloth diaper pattern to my website and you can head right over there and get your copy today! I have received many emails asking for free patterns and I finally found the time to get them up there. This pattern fits the American Girl Bitty Baby and other 15 inch baby dolls. It is a great stash buster and can also be made from repurposed clothing. Let your imaginations run wild and have some fun!
I also uploaded a tote bag pattern to the free patterns section. It's a very simple sewing pattern, with fabulous illustrations, to help the beginning sewer. These totes make great grocery or all purpose totes as well as wonderful gifts. I like to embellish mine with machine embroidery, but they are just as nice without embellishments.
Enjoy the patterns and Merry Christmas!

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