Thursday, August 12, 2010

Creative Summer Vists!

Right now we have a visitor. Being that it's summer here in Tampa Bay, it's mighty hot out. Today we have a heat index of 110 degrees and that makes it difficult for many outdoor activities. We even ride our bikes early to try and avoid the heat. Since outdoors is a bit much we have been hanging out by the sewing machine where it's nice and cool. Above you see the tote bag we made - the machine embroidery design came from Urban Threads - boy do I love that site! They are trendy, tend not to create embroidery designs that look and feel like body armor and are cool, cool, cool.... just like me!
Above and below you see some photos of Heather, my red-headed step child, working on one of our creative summer projects. Heather lives in Muncie, Indiana and is a full time student at Ball State, majoring in Geology. Very soon we hope (she will come to her senses and) decide to attend one of the fabulous central Florida colleges for her masters, or maybe even just to finish up her Bachelors Degree... but that's another post. I digress....

Heather has a friend who apparently likes bacon a whole lot and she wanted to make some bacon magnets for her new apartment. Heather is making them from felt, using pipe cleaners to make them bendy and then she paints a face on each silly strip of bacon. I think they are quite funny. We were even thrifty and used old magnets from the covers of phone books, etc, to recycle.
Here they are being tortured in a frying pan...
WAIT!! Heather! How did we NOT photograph the Roll Up Travel Jewelry Case we made? That soooooo rocked our week of creativity. Send me a few GOOD photos, ASAP. Hugs!

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Greenmare said...

oh totally cute!!!! what fun you are to be around!