Friday, April 13, 2007

Baby Doll Diaper Bag

Well, I certainly seem to be on a "baby track" these days. My niece has her third birthday coming up, and she has been in crisis due to a substandard Baby Doll Diaper Bag. So, like a good Auntie, I have come to her rescue (Shhhhh, don't tell her, it is a surprise!). Her Mommy tells me that Lily had been using an old diaper bag for use with her baby dolls. She had met many challenges with the rather large hand-me-down. First, it didn't come with a changing pad (the horror!), and so she was forced to fold up paper towels to keep in the bag for a changing pad. She also was having trouble because the Velcro on the handle lost it's "stick"... so, to make a very sad story happier, Auntie Susan stepped up and made her a diaper bag that actually fits her little body AND it has a changing pad. I intend to run to Target tomorrow and pick up some baby items to go in it - those little toy baby bottles, baby doll diapers, and what ever else I might find that a baby doll might need (?) or could use.

While I was sewing this bag, I wondered how I sewed items before I started quilting. I have only been quilting for about ten years but I have been sewing since I was a child. I had never layered fabric and quilted it together, yet now everything that I sew seems to need quilting. I guess that when a new idea pops into my mind, or a new need arises, because of my love of quilting, I always manage to move it into the quilting world. Funny how that happened. I guess then that this period in my life could be categorized as my "quilting period". I doubt it will ever end and I am glad of it.

Oh, and if any of you have a Hancock Fabrics near your house, I would stop in if they are going out of business like ours is. I got the fabric in the photo for an amazing price. It was actually pretty good quality and for less than $2.00 a yard, I couldn't go wrong! I know, we are supposed to be "busting the stash", but I didn't have anything cute enough for the all important Baby Doll Diaper Bag for Lily......


Greenmare said...

Oh you are a GOOD auntie! Lovely little bag and she will be soooooo delighted with it!
I love the monkey bags, though I think I would have GONE BANANAS making that many~ arr arr arr
sorry, that slipped out. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Aunt Susan,

I love love love my diaper is beautiful and obviously made with love! My babies are so happy to have such a beautiful changing pad and clean diapers everywhere we go (my mom isn't so happy that my babies need changing so much - but they can't help it!!) Thank you again! I love it and you! Lily

mccue1011 said...

I don't know if you'll see this since the post is so old, but my daughter would LOVE a diaper bag like this. I'm a novice, so I don't know how difficult this would be, but if possible, I would love the pattern. I checked your website, but didn't see it. Where can I find it???