Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My Quilting Companion

Well, here he is, Champagne P. Freebery. He is about 12 years old. We rescued him from the SPCA when he was just a kitten. True to his breed, as an adult he grew to be a bit cantankerous. He also developed some pretty quirky behavior through the years. He has crossed blue eyes, and somewhat oddly, he loves to ride in my husband’s car. My husband leaves the window open in his car in the driveway so that Champagne can lounge in the back window. When the car trip is something that will not require Champagne to sit in the car unattended, he gets to ride along. I know, totally bizarre.

While in the house, Champagne lounges one of two places. One is in my husband’s open briefcase. The other is behind my sewing machine. He only lounges there when I am sewing – I think he can feel the love. I have started leaving a water dish back there for him, because he was always trying to drink my water when I left it sitting there. If, while I am sewing, he feels that what I am sewing has over stepped its bounds, Champagne has no problem with lashing out at it. Not a friendly little swat, mind you. But an all out assault. Yep, that’s our kitty….. Oh, and the P. in his name stands for Painy. For obvious reasons.


swooze said...

Adorable. Isn't it funny how we accomodate our babies??

Greenmare said...

you have a siamese!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have ALWAYS wanted a siamese cat! okay I had one when I was little, and don't tell my baby Cassie that I would ever want to replace, but I LOVE siamese cats!

Greenmare said...

hey you! had to stop by on my way around the ring!

Clare said...

Oh I love Siamese. We used to have them when I was small, but I'm not allowed to have them now. They are too much of a liability so I have been told. Just plain ordinary moggies in this house now. Your quilts are gorgeous. I ove your daughter's Batik New York.