Thursday, December 6, 2007

Bitty Baby Dresses

**BITTY BABY PATTERN UPDATE November 23, 2009: A new post was just put up announcing the release of our new line of Bitty Baby clothing patterns. There is even a new page up on our website with a free Bitty Baby pattern for immediate download. Jump ahead to this blog post and see what's new...or stop by for some inspiration and Quilty Indulgence!

I think that my little darlings are going to have very happy Bitty Baby's this year. I just can't seem to stop myself. What fun I am having! Shouldn't Bitty's have clothing choices, too?

So, Mommys, Grandmas and Aunties, here are the patterns. I found them online and they are free patterns. I just couldn't resist. The site is called Bellaonline and there is a whole list of free patterns for American Girl Dolls, as well as Bitty Babies. I found the Bitty Patterns by searching their site for "bitty baby". You can print out, enlarge and sew until your little heart is content! The dress pattern and the pinafore were so easy, I highly recommend checking out this site. It is well worth the trip!


Greenmare said...

Well what about putting some cute embroidery on those, and making them out of lightweight denim, and maybe some hats..... and they probably need swimsuits, and if they are visiting cold climates they will need jackets and pants........and when does it go from hobby to obsession? ;-)
Well, who cares? If you are having fun and feeling good then make all the doll clothes in the world!

hefty quilter said...

hi susan , i only just noticed that you left a message on my blog about astrology, here is the link that i got mine from , kindest regards tracey.
p.s you have a great blog. :)

Cecily said...
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