Monday, January 19, 2009

Oh, The People I Have Met!

Teaching and taking quilting classes allows all of us the opportunity to meet wonderful new people. At a few of my most recent classes I have met some "standout students." Country Quilts and Bears in Clearwater, Florida is where I met Alison, a fun and energetic lady, to say the least! What a lark she is. Alison took my class because she has a new grandbaby coming soon and she thought it would be fun to make the Quilted Toddler Jacket. She is literally a master seamstress, but had never quilted. I think Alison was surprised to find that she already had all the skills she needed to make this jacket and hat. She did a beautiful job!
Above and below are Alison's finished products. They are gorgeous, aren't they?
Below is Sue. She came to the class to learn how to make TWO Quilted Toddler Jackets for twin grandchildren. She did one in class then went home and sewed the second one. Sue was such a joy to have in class. She didn't have a great deal of sewing experience and also had a new sewing machine, but let me tell you, she plugged along and mastered the entire process. She didn't even whine when I forgot to take a lunch break! I was so proud of her. What a joy she was to have in class!
Below is Sue proudly showing off her finished product! Isn't it gorgeous?
Dora is below. Dora was also a complete joy to have in my class. She had minimal sewing experience (but had been a longarm quilter!) and she left the shop a pro. Dora rolled up her sleeves and dove into the project head first and literally never looked up! She pieced the entire project and because that wasn't enough work, she then appliqued Mickey and Pluto onto the jacket back. I liked the finished jacket so much, I bought the same fabric so I could duplicate it!
Here is the front of Dora's jacket laying across one of the many stuffed bears at Country Quilts and Bears.
Below is Dora's hat. She completed the hat at home. I love that she sent me a photo of the hat actually on the head of the recipient. Is that not the cutest, ever? Dora even appliqued Mickey and Pluto onto the brim of the hat! I love it!

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Greenmare said...

What great jackets and what great students!!!! I wish I could come and take a class from you........ or we could just go sew..........