Friday, July 31, 2009

Quilted Laptop Bag - Great Scrap Buster!

My Summer Scrap Busting has continued, and here is my latest project. I was getting ready to travel up to New York to see my grandtots and naturally I need to take my laptop with me. My laptop bag had broken on our last trip and I had yet to buy a new one because I just couldn't find one I liked. Every bag I looked at weighed a ton and was soooo much bigger than I needed. That landed me back in my sewing room, looking at my fabric. Basically I made two quilted rectangles and sewed some pockets in, made a strap, attached it to the larger rectangle, folded the whole thing in half, sewed and bound the side seams and this is what I got.
I can't tell you how many compliments I got in the airports. Honest. And this didn't take me more than a couple hours. More scraps gone, and another useful item that I actually like.


Sweet P said...

Love it! You definitely won't lose it anywhere!

Greenmare said...

oh my, that is pretty!
of course, if it was in reds or greens................ (instead of orange) but still, it's gorgeous! ;-)

Gizmo said...

That is awesome. I just "inherited" a laptop, and need to get a bag for it. Perfect timing!!!

A friend sent me a note about her visit to your favorite quilt shop (in Key West). She'll be back home (in KY) tomorrow. I can't wait to see her treasures.

Gizmo said...
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parTea lady said...

What a great laptop bag. Such pretty and bright fabric - love the orange straps and trim.

Hope you have a fun visit with your grandkids.

Karen said...

I'm so proud to have such a talented sister!