Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's That Time Again!

Yep. It's that happy time again - Retreat Weekend! I have loaded the Bug (see above) and my friends are assembled (see below) and we are ready to rock n roll! There's Judy and Renita and Pat and Donna and even Flo! Yes, that's Flo in the purple dress, of course. WAIT!!! Is that Aiden under the table?? How did he get there without being detected??!!

See the suitcase on the back of my Bug? That's the suitcase I have packed for when I go to NY. We are expecting our the 4th grandchild soon and I have to be prepared, just in case I get the call. Nora isn't scheduled to arrive until August 30th, but you never know... I will keep you all posted.

OK, I will be honest. Yes, I drive a VW Bug, but sadly, it's not a supremely cool one like the one shown above. It's only a regularly cool one about 50 years newer than the one shown above. Second, my dear friend Renita is driving us to the retreat in her Mini Van, which as I type this is packed to the gills. Renita, I know I've said it a few times today, but seriously, you rock. Really. You do. Now, Ladies, Start your sewing machines and let's get this party started!!!

...and I will remember to take photos this time! Mare, it wouldn't hurt to send me a few texts to remind me.... Roni, I know you are busy with the wedding, but send us a text or two so we feel like you are with us. Pam, you will be missed - have a wonderful trip north!


Greenmare said...

i totally want that bug, and the suitcase! and I WILL send you text reminderss!

Pattypiecer said...

I had a great time and can't wait to do it again.!!!!!!

Roni Hunt said...

great friends having a great time!! I missed you all so much!!! But we had an awesome time at the wedding!!!!