Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Quilt Retreat and a New Grandbaby!

And what a retreat it was!!! That's Renita in the photo above. She and I drive together. Well, when I say "drive", what I really mean is that she drives and I ride. We usually bunk together, too. She's a perfect retreat buddy.

One of the wonderful things about a quilt retreat is the inspiration it naturally inspires. Renita finished a fabulous quilt at the retreat. I loved everything about it. It was called "Nice People Nice Things". Renita did her handwork in a beautiful pink floss and then sashed the blocks in a delicate line of pink and green fabrics. Did I take a photo of that quilt? Nope. I had to go searching for photos of blocks made by other people using the same pattern and then snitch them to show you all here.

Aren't they fabulous? Just pretend they are bordered in pink and green fabrics with all pink embroidery floss.

I can't wait to finish the BOM, Birdie Stitches, and get started on my own set. Yes, you heard me correctly. I found the whole set of iron on transfers for sale in the "Sale Room" at retreat. This set usually retails for $56.00. I got mine for (sit down for your own safety) $2.50!!!! It was complete serendipity!

I think this will be Nora Pearl's quilt one day. Oh, who is Nora Pearl you ask? She is my new granddaughter! We will get to her later. She was born about 30 hours after I got home from retreat....

How appropriate that I found a photo of the "friends" block just in time to introduce you to Pat and Judy (see below). Judy is on the phone with Aiden and Pat is on the left. You will all know Pat very soon as she is the author of the soon to be famed blog, Pattypiecer.

Below is Flo - she is making a pretty amazing Twister Quilt using the 6.5 inch blocks. I can't show that one because it's a secret...

Below is Cathy. She was a wonderful new addition to our group and I thoroughly enjoyed her company. I also thoroughly enjoyed her steam iron - see photo above. I dream about that thing at night. Really, I do.

This brings me to Judy, who you see below, holding up her Primitive Pinwheels quilt from Primitive Gatherings. She and I did this special project together - I did mine using batiks, and she used civil war fabrics. Both of our small quilts rock!

But they weren't as small as the one this crazy lady made. It's a smaller version of the Primitive Pinwheels quilt that Judy and I made. I nearly died when I saw hers. I am still trying to understand why...?

Well, it's mighty late and I just can't type another word so the Nora Pearl post will have to come next week. Sorry everyone, but this is one tired Grandmom! May all your dreams involve thread or grandbabies! Night all.

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Greenmare said...

wow, I have so much to catch up on!!!! and this is just adding one class to my schedule!!! what is going to happen when I attempt two of them???