Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nora Pearl Has Arrived

Here she is, my newest grandchild, Nora Pearl. She was born on August 24th at 1:25 a.m and weighed 7 pounds 12 ounces. Princess Nora wasn't due until the 30th, but she got bored and decided that the time had come to make an entrance. I think she knew there was a hurricane coming and that it was aimed straight for the east coast. Nora's pretty smart because she realized that that would cause Grandma some (serious) travel problems, so she ended everyones stress and came before the storm. What a good girl!

Here she is with her mommy a few days after she was born. Isn't she a cutie??

Above you see my oldest grandchild, Madelyn, holding her youngest sister, Nora. Madelyn has been the best big sister. I'm very proud of her!

Above you see Lucy, also a big sister now, holding her baby sister. Doesn't Lucy look angelic here? Three girls in one house - that's going to be fun to watch, especially since I, too, was one of three girls so I know the fun that they are all in for.

Above is a picture I took of Lucy's foot with Nora's tiny foot on top. Just before Nora was born Lucy's feet seemed so small, now they look so big! Check out Lucy's anklet. I soooooo love Lucy!

Here's Jackson! He's nearly one already - how can that be? Isn't he a doll? Look at those eyes. They melt me every time he looks my way. Did you notice the Christmas tree behind him? And the gifts wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper? Yes, you guessed it. It was GRANDMA CHRISTMAS! We had it on a Sunday morning at Nikki's and it was fabulous. I will post photos of the teddy bears I made for each of the kids very soon. I will say this - of all the things I have made through the years, I am most proud of those bears!

So there you have it - my four Grandchildren. The loves of my life. I am blessed!

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O. said...

ohmygoodness!!! congrats she's a cutie